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Add/make new things for the next Shantae game!

Make and add your art and fan art to the next Shantae game!
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Come on show your support
Smash Bros Ultimate Newcomer Tournament EP.58 Skull Kid vs Shantae
Smash Bros Ultimate Newcomer Tournament EP.58 Skull Kid vs Shantae YouTube
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Can you guys help vote?
Shantae | Super Smash Survivor - Episode 1
Shantae | Super Smash Survivor - Episode 1 YouTube
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ThankYOU WayForward 💜

Aww, you guys should read through this...
Update 128: We did it! · Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Update 128: We did it! · Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter
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Heart Holder updated!

I added the new heart holder images on the wiki thread. Anyone is welcome to check them out!
They are all artworks..
Heart Holder
Heart Holder Shantae Wiki
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Ask Me Anything

I’m bored af, ask me some questions I’ll answer them as best as I can. Also here’s another Shantae pic
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Summer Shantae

With summer coming to a close, I feel like it’s a good time to share this photo
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#shantaeforsmash is alive
How We Can Get Shantae Into Smash Bros!!
How We Can Get Shantae Into Smash Bros!! YouTube
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Echa un vistazo al Tweet de @YoutubrsClub:
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Shantae contest ideas

There will be a contest from the months of september all the way to december. so far i know what prizes are going to be but Its the idea of what the contest should be. Givin the fact not many can draw, I am seeking for alternatives ideas. If your interested on participating let me know or have any ideas.
Be advise, i am still searching for more gifts to add on the pool.

As for when the date begins. Think maybe somewhere on october.

——-Prizes listed so far——-

-Rottytops charagumin figure
-Left over charms from orders
-backers coin
-backers soundtrack

-Shantae shirt made by me
-Metallic poster made by me
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Expanding Shantae fanbased Lore / World.

I like the Shantae series but there is too little lore or story based facts surrounding Shantae, her friends & enemies.

I would like to propose the community to give their fanfics here with low Mary Sue stereotype as to expand the world of Shantae.

Who knows, maybe Wayfoward may even take some interesting things from here & added official to Shantae lore.

Just a disclaimer here, I am not in anyway affiliated with Wayforward, just an ordinary fan who wishes to add more life to a cute half genie's world.
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WayForward should make a Cartoon for Shantae

Now I’m sure that I’m not the first person to think about this and I know that I’m definitely not going to be the last...but I’m sure that all of us agree that WayForward should make a cartoon for Shantae after all they already have a good plot, amazing characters and scenery, and I am sure that everyone would watch this. If anyone has any other opinions on the matter I implore you to comment
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Shantae in Smash Bros?

If you watched the Nintendo direct, you will know that shovel Knight is an assist trophy. I thought he’d be the representative of indie titles in SSB as a playable character. So that leaves two viable characters; Steve from Minecraft and Shantae. So I’m hoping that Shantae make it into Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Or they don’t add any indie characters. That a possibility.
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Pjs Shantae

I don’t know about you but, This is what I would want to wake up to in the morning.
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Another Shantae?

Is there a chance of them making another game?
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Shantae - how much in a fanbase

I think it would be nice to talk about shantae and its fans. Most people think we are many, but in truth, it is still somewhat of a handful.

If you count how many game copies are made plus the sales of the limited editions and the half genie heroes, it would be roughly less than 1 million.

Artist do count but only a reaches about 10%
Die hard fans will be at least 20% because they saw this game had potential during thr gameboy color era.

Then you have sellers who are curious what this game is about which is roughly 5-7%.

Any opinions is welcome because I am still surverying how many are fans compare to liking it only based of finding out she existed.

She is after all, a rare diamond to find.
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