The game features 26 unlockable achievements, listed below:

Ret-2-Go!: Shantae's daily grind.
Play dead!: Teach Wobble Bell a new trick
Heart of Stone!: It's OK to say no.
Speed Run the Hypno Baron's Lair: How fast can you go?
Old Moneybags: Max out your cash
Got the Touch, Got the Power!: Get all magic and upgrades
You are here!: Buy a MAP at the shop
Be the Hero!: Beat the game, more or less, in over 4 hours
Completionist!: Beat the game with all items in more than 4 hours
Speedy and Greedy!: Beat the game with all items in less than 4 hours.
Speed Runner!: Beat the game in under 2 hours.
Mighty Shantae Champ!: Earn all four endings
Cross your Heart...: Beat the game with no extra Heart Holders
Romper Stomper!: Elephant stomp 100 foes
Yakkety Yak!: Meet everyone in town once your quest begins
Pikeball Power!: Maintain any Pikeball for 2 minutes
Move Over Zeus!: Destroy 50 foes using any Storm Puff
Late night gamer!: Destroy a Druid at midnight!
Mermaid flop to victory!: Cross Polyp Bay as a Mermaid
Potions Smotions!: Beat the Final Boss without using Potions
Electric Squid!: Beat the Squid Baron using only Storm Puff.
Elephant Obliteration!: Destroy at least 4 blocks
Fire Breath!: Destroy a Dragon Head from above
And Stay Down!: Destroy the same Skeleton 6 times
Enough for Everyone: Max out your Potions
Bonfire!: Set fire to a leafy foe

Image Description
Ret-2-go!: Beat the ambush
You Are Here!: Get the map
Yakkety Yak!: Talk to all NPCs in town
Elephant Obliteration!: Stomp more than 6 blocks in a row
Speed Run the Baron's Lair!: Lab 2 speed run
Bonfire!: Burn a vine pot
Enough for Everyone!: Max out potions
Be the Hero!: See ending 1
Play Dead!: Kill the puppy
Tinkercide: Destroy all Tinkerbats in the Sunken Cavern
Old Moneybags!: Max out the gem counter
Fire Breath!: Stomp a dragon head
Heart of Stone!: Puppy denied
And Stay Down!: Kill the same skeleton 6 times
Pikeball Power!: Keep Pikeball active for 2 min
Got the Touch, Got the Power!: Own all magic and book upgrades
Late Night Gamer!: Kill a Druid at midnight
Completionist!: Seen ending 2
Electric Squid: Beat boss 1 with only electricity
Move Over Zeus!: Kill 50 enemies with lightning
Romper Stomper!: Kill 100 enemies via stomp
Potions Smotions: Beat the genie clone without using potions
Cross Your Heart!: Beat the game with no Heart Holders
Speedy and Greedy!: Seen ending 3
Speed Runner!: Seen ending 4
Might Shantae Champ!: Seen ALL endings


  • There were no achievements for the original DSi version.