Ammonian Soldiers are soldiers who serve in the Ammonian Army and are loyal to Ammo Baron. They appear as regular enemies in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. They are usually armed with guns (possibly carbines or submachine guns) with a bayonet attached and without visible stock.

Risky's Revenge

They are not encountered as enemies, but merely as NPCs in Ammo Baron's camp that Shantae can talk to.

Pirate's Curse

They are the first enemies the player encounter and will behave according to the color of their uniforms. Blue uniformed soldiers will either move around and hurt Shantae by contact or crouch somewhere and hurl grenades at her. They are easily defeated by one attack. Red uniformed will just roam but are tougher and there is a variant that uses special equipment, such as pads attached to their hands and feet which they can walk on ceilings. They will try to hurt Shantae by attacking her from below the platform she is standing on. Black uniformed soldiers will stay still and use their gun to fire in bursts of three, easily avoided by crouching down.

After defeating the Ammo Baron, they can be seen around Scuttle Town (now renamed Ammo Town), constantly at work at fortifying the town and converting it to military use. They cannot be talked to and will ignore Shantae.

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