# Required Description Screen
1 In the first room you find with the fiery vortexes that spin Shantae around and spit her out in whatever direction you press, there is a set of hidden tunnels crossing through the leftmost wall. Both are clearly suggested by an inset in the wall. Following the horizontal one will lead you to a little space with a Baby Warp Squid. Scr ws twinkle palace 1
2 From the 'floor' of the first fiery vortex room, Monkey climb the eastern wall and jump onto the strange-shaped platform of ice. Transform into Shantae and do a leap of faith to the left. When you hit the vortex, press Controls-left and you will arrive on another platform, this one with a Baby Warp Squid. Scr ws twinkle palace 2
3 There is a room later in the labyrinth with two entrances, each with a suspicious crawlspace below, and a large 'crown' shape in the middle of the room which holds three puddles of jumping fish. Crawl into said crawlspaces and navigate hidden passages until you reach the baby warp squid and a fiery vortex. Scr ws twinkle palace 3
4 / To the left of the previous squid, past a locked door, is a tall room filled with puddles of jumping fish. The warp squid is on a high ledge but otherwise in plain view and easy to access. Scr ws twinkle palace 4
5 You'll see this one early on from above, but you'll need the Harpy form to be able to get it from below. Fly to the top of that first fiery vortex room, and there it is. Scr ws twinkle palace 5