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Bandit Town Sample

Part of Bandit Town in Shantae.

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Bandit Town is a place full of well...bandits, and this was where that new 'genie' appeared in order to 'help' Shantae.

Noteworthy PlacesEdit

  • The Rusty Gullet - A hangout for bandits and other enemies. The place where you meet a new 'genie'. Becomes useless after that meeting.
  • Advanced Genies! - Shantae can learn the Tinkerbat dance here, but only on Gameboy Advance for the price of 500 gems.
  • Town Shop - Where Shantae can buy various items.
  • Bath House - Where Shantae recharges her health.
  • Save Room - Where you can save your game.
  • Warp Squid Hut - Bring four Baby Warp Squids here to learn a dance that teleports Shantae to this town.

Item ShopEdit

Img Item Name Cost Description
Shantae GBC - sprite - Small Vial Small Vial 55 Restores a few Hearts.
Shantae GBC - sprite - Medium Vial Medium Vial 80 Restores several Hearts.
Shantae GBC - sprite - Large Vial Large Vial 125 Restores all Hearts.
Shantae GBC - sprite - Float Muffin Float Muffins (20) 20 Give you protection against pits.
Shantae GBC - sprite - Exit Candy Exit Candy 20 Used for exiting labyrinths.
Shantae GBC - sprite - Twin Mint Twin Mints 25 Doubles your attack power.
Shantae GBC - sprite - Greedy Jar Greedy Jars (5) 30 Makes enemies drop double the loot!
Shantae GBC - sprite - flashbolts Flash Bolts (10) 25 Attack from a distance.
Shantae GBC - sprite - fireball Fireballs (10) 30 Faster/stronger than a pike ball.


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