● No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content (includes lewd talk and inappropriate avatars and nicknames).

● No spam (includes unnecessary flooding, role-playing, disrupting conversations and overuse of symbols, mentions, emojis and repetitive words).

● No racism, sexism, homophobia or other kinds of hate speech, slurs, trolling or hostile behavior.

● Swearing is allowed to an extent, but do not take it too far.

● Avoid public drama, solve any issues in private or DM a moderator.

● No advertising (includes inviting people to other servers).

● No malware.

● Use only English (unless you are quoting text in the context of the series).

● No awkward topics, like religion, politics, flirting, etc.

● Do not excessively use caps lock.

● People harassing, mass advertising their servers, sending malware or disturbing other members via DM will be banned.

● Any further issue not stated here is up to the discretion of moderators

● Abide to the channel descriptions. Shitposting stays in the shitposting channel.

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