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The Giga Mermaid is the second boss that appears in Half Genie Hero. She is the Queen of the Mermaids.


The Giga Mermaid was initially seen chained and under mind control courtesy of the Techno Baron, causing the mermaids to attack Sequin Land. Shantae eventually frees the queen after a long battle.

Boss Fight & StrategyEdit

Shantae must destroy the locks connected to the chains holding the Giga Mermaid. Once freed, she fires lasers at Shantae who must attack her in the head many times. Using spitfire during the second phase will end the boss battle very quickly.


Giga Mermaid is initially hostile while under mind control and struggles to free herself. However, immediately after Shantae destroys the locks keeping her, the freed Giga Mermaid attacks Shantae. After another short battle with the half-genie, she quickly calms down as her gem and eyes become blue instead of red and smiles.


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