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Hyper Light Drifter is an action-role-playing game developped by Heart Machine for computers, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox One and Ouya. It was originally scheduled for release in 2014 but due to health issues from the game's creator, Alex Preston, it is now scheduled for release on Q2 2016. The game follows the Drifter, a member of a society of collectors who are going through a world in which people have long forgotten how to use their technology, with only the Drifters having access to and understanding of it. The reason for his travel is to find a cure to the illness he's suffering from. The game will feature a backer-exclusive bonus quest featuring Risky Boots.


The game is an action-RPG explored from a perspective reminding of The Legend of Zelda series, rendered in pixelated 2D. The Drifter starts with an energy sword that he will be able to customize with a variety of artifacts uncovered through the course of the game. The Drifter will have to defeat increasingly powerful enemies, and the game is planned to feature no real dialog.


In a world where people have all but forgotten how to use ancient advanced technology, a society of collectors known as Drifters explore the game's world searching for artifacts of power. One such Drifter, the titular character, is plagued by an illness and sets off on a quest to uncover a cure.


Alex Preston, the game's creator, has wanted to create a game that would mix the experiences of Diablo and The Legend of Zelda. In 2013, he decided to summon his courage and call for financing through Kickstarter. Launched in September 2013, the campaign skyrocketed past its initial goal of US$27,000 for computer-exclusive versions and ended up at more than US$645,000, allowing the game to be ported to a variety of platforms. In the course of the campaign, a variety of backer-exclusive content was announced, including a backer-only quest that would feature Risky Boots as the quest-giver. This quest was later cut due to scope, although she did get included as a bonus sprite.[1]

The game was originally set for a 2014 release, but due to the console ports, enlarged scope of the game and long-term health issues for Preston, the game is now slated for a Q2 2016 release.

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