Here is a list of items from The Pirate's Curse.

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Basic Items

Name Description
Small Heart Restores 1 HP.
Big Heart Restores all HP.
Gem Currency. Used to buy items.
Large Gem Currency. Worth 5 gems.
Potion Restores all HP when used.
Auto-Potion Restores all HP when Shantae is defeated.
Monster Milk Increases attack power. Wears off with time.
Super Monster Milk Greatly increases attack power. Wears off with time.
Flesh Pop Restores 2 HP when used.
Meat Chunklet Restores 8 HP when used.
Bento Box Restores 12 HP when used.
Lobster Tail Restores 16 HP when used.
Pirate Flare Teleports Shantae back to the pirate ship. Only usable in outdoor areas.
Bubble Shield Summons a bubble to protect Shantae from projectiles. Does not stop direct enemy collision. Wears off with time.
Pike Ball Summons a spiked ball to orbit Shantae and damage enemies. Wears off with time.
Super Pike Ball Summons three bladed balls to orbit Shantae and damage enemies. Wears off with time.

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Key Items


Pirate Gear

Image Name Description Location
Flintlock Flintlock Pistol "Press the A Button to fire Risky's Pistol! Useful for hitting distant foes or switches." Does 1 damage when acquired and 5 damage after being fully upgraded. Spittle Maze
Piratehat Pirate Hat "Hold the R Button while airborne to deploy Risky's Hat. Use it to float over hazards." Gusts of wind will send you upwards. Cackle Tower
Scimitar Scimitar "Press the L Button while airborne to perform a downthrust! Great for destroying barriers or bouncing over dangers!" Does 4 damage when acquired and does 10 damage when upgraded. Lost Catacombs
Pirateboots Risky's Boots "Risky's Boots! Run to build up speed, then press the Y Button when they release their raw energy!" Run at super speeds! Chain your attacks as you dash through enemies & over lethal lava as well as spikes. It can also help make Shantae's jumps longer. Oubliette of Suffering
Cannon Cannon "Jump while airborne to fire Risky's Cannon! Fires a deadly blast, and propels you into the air for triple jumping power!" You can only fire it thrice per jump. Enemies hit by the cannon ball will take 5 damage. Abandoned Factory
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