Mayor Scuttlebutt is the leader of Scuttle Town. He is a short fat man in a turban, who is apparently chocoholic.

The Mayor has no office - instead he has a Seaside Retreat, which is essentially just a chair and desk on a cliff in Polyp Bay.

He gave Shantae her post as Guardian Genie of the town. In Shantae he is pleased with Shantae's protection from pirate attacks, unaware that she is not a real Genie. When he later learns she is a Half-genie, he is not bothered but does ask if he can pay her half price.

In Risky's Revenge he fires her for allowing another pirate attack - though eventually he changes his mind. Though presumably an elected official, he apparently has the authority to sell the town, as he did to the Ammo Baron in order to save the town from financial collapse. In the end, he changes his mind and decides to go talk to the Baron to get the town back.

In The Pirate's Curse, however, Scuttle Town is still under the Ammo Baron's mayorship as he fortifies the buildings into a fortress, complete with long-range cannons, and Scuttlebutt cannot refund him as he sold the town for a box of cheap waxy chocolates and has already eaten them. At the end of the game, Shantae uses her newly-restored powers to turn Scuttle Town back to normal and evicts the Ammo Baron by force, allowing Scuttlebutt to return as Mayor.

In Half-Genie Hero, he fires Shantae again after her encounter with Risky Boots caused massive collateral damage to the town with pirates running about. He later hires a new half-genie guardian for the town. But after he finds out that Holly Lingerbean is a memory stealer and not a genie, Mayor Scuttlebutt regrets his mistake of firing Shantae so he rehires her soon after Holly Lingerbean got fired and defeated by Shantae destroying her pet sandworm Wilbur.

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