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The Transformation Talismans are the final Alliterative Acquirables the player will encounter. They are utterly optional but allow you to attack while transformed.

# Name Location Required Description Scr
1 a cave in
Hidden Forest
At the far end of the Hidden Forest is a cave with a strange little creature with a TV antennae. An electric Storm Puff blast will clear him from your path, allowing access to the Monkey Claw. Scr tt monkey claw
2 a cave near
Waterfall Lake,
Snail Wasteland, Hidden Waterfall
There's a cave that connects the Snail Wasteland to Waterfall Lake. The tote is plainly visible within. Scr elephant tote
3 Mud Bog The venom is found atop the secondest mushroom/insect pillar. Scr tt poison
4 Scarecrow Field When you come across the first group of pillars, fly as high as you can - directly above is a strange-shaped floating ruin with the Harpy Talon resting on it. Scr harpy talon

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