• PL78

    Postulating to become admin

    April 25, 2016 by PL78

    Hello fellow advanced monkeys,

    As people may or may not be aware here, the current admin, Selachimorpha, has been absent or very rarely active in the last months, and the Shantae Wiki is on the verge of becoming unruly, with some trolls spamming the comments with useless or aggressive content toward other users, and, only occasionally so far but that may become more common in the future, adding useless contents in pages.

    I believe a Wiki, no matter which, needs a more permanent monitoring. That's why I'll postulate to adopt the Shantae Wiki at Community Central tomorrow, as per the "being active for 7 days" rule. I don't quite expect any opposition at this point, but it's just to let you users know, as this is your Wiki as well.

    I want to dev…

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