Hi Shantaerians!

WayForward just announced that people who pledged for the "Your Art in Game" tier during the Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter campaign can now send theirs! Deadline will be March 2nd, 2015! Your art will be featured in one of the ten galleries of the Sequin Land Art Museum! Ten galleries with ten paintings each, which keys players will have to find in-game, with a special bonus when the ten of them are recovered.

Hgh art museum

Mayor Scuttlebutt in a panic as usual.

Contributors will be contacted soon for information on how they will send their works. Guidelines for submission will be as follow:

- Resolution of 72 to 300 dpi, the higher the better.

- Aspect ratios from 1:1 to 1:2, either portrait or landscape.

- RBG color mode in PNG (without transparency) or TGA (24 bits) format.

- No smaller than 1024 in every direction, and no framing.

- Submitted material will automatically become property of WayForward.

- No controversial content, the game must be kept E10+.

- Do not use modified official logos, images or likenesses to other brands.

And as WF say, the most important is to have fun! Now to your pencils!

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