Cristina vee 1

Hello Shantaerians!

Now, that's a piece of news some of you have been eagerly waiting for: Cristina Vee is going to succeed to Meagan Glaser as Shantae's voice actor for The Pirate's Curse and Half-Genie Hero! Of course, so far, that consists basically in rerecording all those moans, grunts, cries and such that Meagan provided for Risky's Revenge.

But honestly, I don't see what would stop her from doing all the voice-over if we were to ever reach the $1.1M stretch goal for voice acting in HGH! She already did voice acting in the past, so why not? It looks like a mountain to climb, but hey, we have to believe and keep on fighting to make this happen!

The Twitter posts announcing Cristina's role:

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