Hi Shantaerians!

The guys at Nintendo Everything have had the good idea of spoiling stuff from the recent Nintendo Force issue featuring Shantae and the Pirate's Curse! Some we already knew from that recent Matt Bozon interview, but also new details, listed below:

- Risky Boots appears at the beginning of the game seeking an alliance, and eventually reaches a truce with Shantae

- Each of the six new islands have their own labyrinth and boss

- The Fighter's Gear from the first game is back, alongside the Pirate Gear

- The Pirate hat will be used to glide over gaps or ride currents

- The Cannon will be used to propel Shantae skyward

- The Flintlock pistol will be a weapon to kill foe from a distance (although the usual hair whip is still here)

- A pair of item actually called "Risky's boots" are used to charge at enemies with the Scimitar in hand (like one of the attack of Risky from the first game)

- New characters include Death itself

- Some loose ends from the first games will be tied up

- Several characters' backstories will be explored on the personal level, including Risky Boots' story with the Pirate Master and why she became a pirate in the first place

- Inti Creates produced more than 100 character illustrations

- The game will feature hundreds of voice clips

- Risky Boots might be controllable, although WayForward don't elaborate

- The Wii U version will support Wii U Pro Controller and off-TV play

The list of all details can be found here:

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