Hello Shantaerians and Tinkerbackers!

Today, WayForward just posted the update on the Kickstarter page for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero to confirm our success in reaching the $900K stretch goal! It comes with bits of artworks for Sky, Bolo and Rottytops' gameplays, although it looks like they are still in their preliminary stages.

Artwork hero modes

Preliminary artworks for Hero Modes.

The update also teases the next stretch goal, A Dish Served Cold, featuring Risky's Revenge's boss Nega-Shantae as the returning main villain. They also mention in passing the voice acting stretch goal that lies beyond it, and it sounds like they already have a precise idea of how it would sound... However, that's a mountain of cash away, but how about making another miracle happen, guys and gals? Just keep up with your efforts! I know I'm not giving up yet. As a reminder, here's the current total:

And the link to go if you want to increase your pledge/share it with more people:

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