Hello Shantaerians and Tinkerbackers!

Spc world design concepts

World design concepts for The Pirate's Curse (2012).

Matt Bozon, Shantae's daddy here in the real world, just published an interview for Siliconera. Any great reveal? A release date for Shantae and the Pirate's Curse maybe? Sadly, no. But he does mention new details about the upcoming episode. A quick summary here:

- As expected, Shantae will acquire new abilities, which sometimes will have to be combined in order to make progress.

- The graphic motor will feature stereoscopic 3D for the first time in a Shantae game. It was conceived with the idea that 3D backgrounds will look better than if you keep the Nintendo 3DS in 2D.

- The game will feature Metroid-style maps.

- The game's world will be divided into different islands. Shantae travels to the different islands through Risky Boots' ship. Items will allow the player to warp back directly on the ship. Each island is themed, with sometimes subareas with a theme of their own.

- The story is roughly 75% linear, which probably means 25% of side-quests.

- There will be no underwater areas. Environments featured include deserts, swamps, ice fields, tropics, torture chambers, forests, factories, caves, rainstorms, graveyards, "captivity" and even drool.

- For about half of the production, the game featured two different directors in charge of different areas of the game.

- Pirate Gear abilities will be purchased at Scuttle Town's shop.

- Players can loot on monsters and sell items to the Mayor for cash.

- Heart Holders will be replaced by "Heart Squids" to be taken to a "Squidsmith" who will forge them into new health.

- The first included ability, the dagger, was cut entirely near the end of development. Same went for a grappling hook and mines.

- The pistol will be Shantae's main ability.

- The initial 30 mutated Tinkerbats have been cut to 20. They will function as some "micro-bosses" of sort. Finding them all is not necessary to finish the game, but it will affect the ending.

- In the same order of ideas, the game will feature four different win conditions like Risky's Revenge, but this time they will feature completely different endings.

- The game is roughly the size of the first two games combined. Finishing the main quest of the game should take about 7-10 hours, but more are needed to find all content. The game will be speedrun-friendly, the game's developers having managed to make 3 hours speedruns.

- The game can be played out of order to some extent.

- A "Pirate Mode" will be unlocked after the first run through the game, which allows to start the game with all weapons available.

Full interview can be read here:

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