Hello guys!

Here's a quick reminder for people who may be unaware of it: although the Kickstarter campaign for Shantae: 1/2 GENIE HERO ended in October, it's still possible to give donations in order to unlock new stretch goals on WayForward's main page on the project! These donations have to be made via PayPal, for people who never used it, you do NOT have to create a PayPal account to give! Check it out here:

WayForward's page for Shantae: 1/2 GENIE HERO

So far, the total amount is of $850,000. As a reminder, here are the remaining possible stretch goals:

- Hero Modes (playing as Rottytops, Bolo or Sky): $900,000

- A Dish Served Cold! (bonus chapter featuring Nega-Shantae + new transformation): $1M

- Full voice acting: $1.1M

- Clockwork night (bonus chapter featuring a new location + new transformation): $1.2M

- Animated cutscenes in TV quality with voiceover and music: $1.3M

I'm sure we can at least reach the Hero Modes stretch goal! Come on, we all know you've always dreamed of going on a brains-eating rampage across Sequin Land as Rottytops, right? ;)

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